Our Services

TOPS offers the following services:

  • Engineering, Non-Technical and Soft Skill Modules
  • Practical, hands-on training
  • Training at OEM facilities
  • Customized in-house training
POWER PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION (Solar and Conventional Power Plant)

Project Management Consulting Services

  • Construction Management & Quality Control
  • Site Management
  • Subcontract Management
  • Occupational Safety & Health Practices
  • Material Procurement and Management

Owners Engineers

  • Drawing Review and Approval Services – BEM Professional Engineers
  • Complete Equipment Commissioning

Substation Design & Construction:

  • Conceptual Scope Development and Conceptual Layout
  • Complete Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Structural Design
  • Equipment / Materials Specification
  • Testing & Commissioning

Transmission Overhead Lines And Underground Cable Design & Construction:

  • Scope Development & Routing
  • Right-of-Way Research & Acquisition
  • Transmission Overhead Line and Underground Cable Design
  • Conventional, GPS & Aerial Surveys / Staking
  • Materials Specification, Material Procurement and Management
  • Distribution Overhead Line and Underground Cable Design
  • Construction, Testing & Commissioning – 11 kV to 500 kV
  • Lenders Technical Advisor for Malaysian Financial institutions
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Independent Review of Utility Prepared Studies
  • Assistance with Power Supply Agreements & PPAs
  • Power System Studies – Load Flow / System Loss & PF / Other Studies
  • Failure Investigations and Troubleshooting
  • Technical and Management Audits
  • Advisory on Regulatory Compliance
  • Supervisory Services – EC Competent Engineers up to 500 kV
  • Failure Investigations and Troubleshooting
  • Technical and Management Audits
  • Review/ Develop technical policies, procedures and processes
  • Annual Testing & Preventative Maintenance
  • Remedial, Upgrade, Improvement of Design / Construction
  • Emergency Field Restoration
  • Transformer Maintenance, Repair and Refurbishment Services
  • GIS Maintenance, Repair and Refurbishment ServicesCondition Monitoring ServicesSF6 Gas Services
  • Type, Routine and Special Testing of LV, MV and HV Equipment
  • Independent 3rd Party Witnessing of Tests
  • Collaboration and Advisory in setting up of HV Test Labs
  • Calibration of Meters
  • Interconnection Facility to Tenaga Nasional Berhad/Sarawak Energy Berhad/Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd up to 500kV

To prepare method of statement (MOS), to perform, conduct on site test at Power Plant Controller based on the approved method of statement and prepare final report for approval for all Grid Compliance Tests (GCT) listed in Malaysia Grid Code and GSO requirement as below:


1 Grid Frequency Variation and High Frequency MW Response (50.5Hz to 52Hz) PPA appendix B3.1 and B3.8
2 Fault Detection and Clearing Time Limits PPA appendix B3.5
3 PPA appendix B3.5 PPA appendix B3.13
4 Simulation Models Validation PPA appendix B5.3 and B5.4

  • On-site
  • machine model validation and final software model included
5 Grid Voltage Variation PPA appendix B3.3
6 Reactive Power Capability PPA appendix B3.2
7 Ramp Rate PPA appendix B3.9
8 Restart and Delivery of Energy to Grid System PPA appendix B3.6.1
9 Quality of Services Background Measurement:

  • Voltage Harmonics
  • Voltage Unbalance
  • Voltage Flicker
  • On Load Measurement:
  • Voltage Harmonics
  • Current Harmonics
  • Voltage Unbalance
  • Voltage Flicker

at HV substation before the SPK PV plant is connected to the grid.

10 Establish Capacity Test (ECT) Based on ASTM International Standard
11 To assist in GCT test results and report compilation for submission to Grid Code Committee
12 TOPS provide Competent Engineer (CE) to witness and to conduct switching activity for the commissioning and Back Energisation of the following:

  1. SPP Works i.e., 132kV TNB Switching station
  2. SPP IF – BE of 132kV until 33kV busbar


TOPS has conducted several site pre-feasibility studies and Lenders Technical Adviser (LTA) of a few 30MWac LSS1 and LSS2 projects from 2016 until to date.

The main scope of work for the appointed ITA is as follows.

  1. Review on suitability of site, including a site visit;
  2. Estimation of irradiation and calculation of performance ratio;
  3. Verification of Yield projection;
  4. Due diligence on key technical areas / concept:-
    • Plant layout and concept including verification of size, topography, irradiation, accessibility, grid condition, ;
    • Project design (e.g. inclination and positioning of the modules, partial shading, )
    • Project cost analyses and project budget;
    • Assessment of O&M concepts and cost;
    • Suitability of the key plant components (PV modules and the design, inverters, transformer, monitoring and control systems, );
    • Grid connection;
    • Civil works / structural verification; and
    • Security and surveillance;
  5. Review Project structure and obligations of project parties, project management;
  6. Review key contracts / project agreements (Power Purchase Agreement, EPC Contract, panel / component supply contracts, O&M Contract);
  7. Review adequacy of the technical warranties and verification procedures:-
    • Guarantees of Contracts / liquidated damages provisions (including procedures); and
    • Performance acceptance criteria, test, availability, technical characteristics, incentive schemes;
  8. Review permits and licenses (status, constraints, );
  9. Review technical input data for the financial model;
    • Capex, opex, capital replacement, maintenance replacement, rejuvenation;
  10. Prepare technical due diligence report, addressed to the Principal Adviser / Lead Arranger in respect of the technical / commercial viability (from a technical perspective), covering the above, for the Project.

First and Second Year of Operation

  1. Verify operational data; and
  2. Prepared quarterly progress reports for a period of up to 2 years, addressed to Principal Adviser / Lead Arranger.


Total Power Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (TOPs) conducts services such as to engineer, procure, and construct solar PV systems for Clients who intent to generate renewable power under the SEDA NEM program for own consumption and the energy generated will offset part of the electricity bill for energy provided by the Distribution Licensee (TNB) hence reduce the energy demand from TNB. Net Energy Metering or known as NEM applies when electricity is being generated for own usage and any excess can be exported to the grid. Sold electricity will be compensated by crediting 1-1 to the utility bill. The solar system shall be connected to the main distribution board for the building consumption. Such installation is recognised as own energy generation which is allowable by Electricity Supply Act 1990.

The solar project shall reduce Client’s electricity cost bills besides enjoy double tax deduction; through Capital Allowance (CA) by Internal Revenue Board and Investment Tax Allowance (ITA) by MIDA.